Restoring your Freedoms

As we saw last week, President Obama continues to treat the Constitution as an afterthought.

Through a series of Executive Orders, this imperial president is attempting to erode your fundamental rights even further than he already has, this time going after your Second Amendment rights.

Liberals in Washington and Albany may not care about the Constitution, but as your Congressman, and a proud gun owner, I believe in fighting to maintain our freedoms. That’s why I am taking the following actions:

Cosponsoring, National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, H.R. 402

The Second Amendment is a national right. This commonsense legislation would allow law-abiding citizens permitted to carry in their home state the ability to carry in another state.

Cosponsoring, The SHARE Act, H.R. 2406

We should encourage future generations to take up outdoor activities. The SHARE act would expand opportunities for hunting, fishing and recreational shooting, protecting our history as sportsmen.

Ending senseless regulations

Whether it is the ATF ammo ban, the President’s Executive Orders, the New York SAFE Act or other bureaucratic red tape, we must stop politicians from restricting our freedoms. I will fight these intrusions on our Constitution and continue to protect the Second Amendment.

Thank you for your strong support of the Second Amendment. I promise to keep fighting on your behalf.

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