We’re in debt

We’re in debt, and it’s getting worse everyday. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has told the President.

President Obama today unveiled a budget proposal which raises taxes, increases spending and adds billions more in IOUs for our children and grandchildren to pay back.

Despite the call for massive tax increases, the President’s budget proposal never balances. Never.

Like you, I’m tired of it. Families across America are being forced to make tough choices to live within their means. President Obama should have to do the same.

We owe it to future generations to get serious about our spending addiction. We need a plan that eliminates our deficit. We need a plan that promotes pro-growth policies that create a favorable environment for job creation.

Hardworking taxpayers sent Washington a message this November, and I am committed to seeing a budget that reflects that. Once again, I have cosponsored a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that contains measures crucial to solving our nation’s debt crisis.

The amendment would ensure:

1. Total outlays for any fiscal year do not exceed total receipts for that fiscal year, unless three-fifths of each chamber of Congress roll call votes for increased spending;

2. The national debt held by the public will not be increased unless by a three-fifths roll call vote of each chamber;

3. The President submits a balanced budget proposal each year;

4. No bill to increase revenue will become law unless approved by a majority of each chamber by roll call vote; and

5. That Congress may waive the provisions of this article for any fiscal year in which a declaration of war is in effect or a joint resolution is passed that states a current military conflict causes an imminent and serious military threat to national security.

We must pass a budget that balances, that helps grow our economy and affords future generations the opportunity to live the American Dream.

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We owe it to the next generation of Americans.


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