Collins: Obama Should Have Been in Paris Sunday

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The White House on Monday admitted it erred by not sending a higher profile representative to Sunday’s march in Paris with other world leaders to send a message terrorism won’t be tolerated. One area congressman agrees.

“I’m certainly disappointed to say the leasEntriest,” says Congressman Chris Collins. “It was a startling lack of leadership by President Obama and while they’re admitting they made the mistake today, you can’t undo the mistake.” Collins says Obama sent the wrong message to the world considering other world leaders marched arm in arm. “Disappointing and embarassing are the adjectives I would use,” says Collins.

Collins says if Obama could not be there, he says Secretary of State John Kerry could have stepped in.

A new Rasumussen poll is out showing 65 percent of those surveyed are worried about another terror attack in the next year in the US. “We live in a dangerous world today, and unfortunately, it’s hard to stop these lone wolves,” says Collins. “So, we just need to be diligent, our security in tact. We have to trust the government is tracking down those on the list and keeping them under surveillance. I do share the concern shown in that poll.”


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