Living Under Obamacare



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As many of us expected, Obamacare is falling apart and American families are paying the price.

Full time employee hours have been slashed under President Obama’s new 30 hour work week.

Since opened on October 1st, families have spent countless hours trying to sign up only to find an error message at every turn.

Despite promises from President Obama that if you liked your healthcare plan you could keep it, millions of Americans are receiving cancellation letters in their mailboxes.

Others are finding out they are facing rising premiums and un-afforable deductibles, meaning less take home pay for you.

This is life under Obamacare.

Now I’m asking you to share your story. 

Go to the Living Under Obamacare website and share how your experience with Obamacare. Your story will help us in the fight against Obamacare and it’s devastating effect on families and our economy.






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