Statement from Chris Collins on Disappointing Job Numbers

“Today’s disappointing job numbers confirm what many of us in the small business world have known for a long time – the Obama-Hochul economic policies of higher taxes and runaway spending are crushing job creation and hurting our families.  Their policies are actually driving up unemployment, which is exactly the wrong direction for our country.

This week, I’ve traveled throughout this entire district talking about my small business bill of rights, which would enact policies designed to help small businesses grow and actually create jobs.  Today’s numbers demonstrate more than anything the need to change our leadership in Washington and elect leaders with a history of cutting spending and creating jobs.  The Obama-Hochul policies of burdensome regulations and runaway spending are failing our country.  It’s time for them to go, and its time for us to start growing again.

We’ve released a plan to fix these disastrous Obama-Hochul policies.  Lower taxes.  Cut the debt.  Level the playing field with China.  And, our plan to get small businesses moving again and creating jobs is generating real interest, because people are hungry for leadership.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out the Buffalo News story (Collins campaigns on helping businesses with tax reforms), or the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal (Collins touts small business plan).  

And, if you get a chance, the Livingston County News ran a profile outlining my vision and campaign to change the direction of our country.  (Former Erie County executive seeks GOP nod for Congress).

We have to get serious about fixing our economy.  It’s time to end these Obama-Hochul policies and get our country back on track. Together, we can get America moving again.”

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